Documentation - is Java library that contains classes of general use that are shared between the different bioinfweb projects. These implementations are donated to the public domain under the terms of the GPL.

The components is divided into different components which fulfill different tasks. These components might have dependencies between each other.


This component contains the most basic implementation of which are of very general use for all types of applications. There are e.g. classes that offer the version management of applications, IO and XML util classes, mathematical and random number methods, logging classes, text manipulation as well as system utils.

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This small component provides useful implementations for writing Java applets. In the current release there is only the class DoubleBufferedApplet available which allows extensive and repeated paint operations without flickering.

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Another small component that currently only contains the class TestTools, which makes unit testing of private methods easier.

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A set of helpful classes to implement servlets. Besides general tool classes that help in dealing with HTTP parameters or using the model 2 paradigm there are also implemtations for automatically detecting the preferred language(s) of a client and providing according content.

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This component helps e.g. in establishing connections to SQL databases using user data that can be provided through XML configuration files during runtime. Furthermore a tool class for easier event based reading of different data types and skipping unknown tags is contained in here.

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In this component you can find several implementations that extend javax.swing e.g. predefined extensible dialogs, a Swing implementation of the file modifying and saving fromwork provided by Core, a thumb preview scrolling element and many more classes.

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Here can find components to be used with the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) which extend its finctionality.

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TIC stands for toolkit independent components and allows implementing GUI components that can directly be used in Swing and SWT applications. Contained is also a class that translates Swing Graphics2D operations to the best matching counterparts in SWT GC.

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There are JavaDocs available for each class that is part of which document the functionality and usage of all components. Additionally JavaDocs of all previous releases are archived and can still be downloaded and browsed.

Accessing the source code

Although you can find documentation for all classes here, since is distributed under GPL you can also access the source code directly to understand what single methods are doing. Therefore all JavaDocs contain links into the subversion repository web client for each method to easily allow looking directly into the documented methods.

Furthermore you download source distributions of all components and releases or check out all files with subversion. Browsing through the subversion web client is also possible.

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